Kraai well drilling, pump repair and water treatment and testing.

About Drilling

Kraai WD has 3 drill rigs ready to meet all of your drilling needs. Please take time to look through web-page as you will see the broad area covered. We are proud to have drilled over 4,440 wells from 1994 to 2007 alone.

If preparing to have a well drilled please give us a call as we have impeccable records available to assist you in determining how deep the wells range in your area. Kraai Well Drilling also sub-contracts for other well drillers to assist with the deeper wells or tough rocky conditions that are difficult for some smaller rigs.

Kraai Well Drilling

Well drilling, repair and trenching service.Plainwell, Otsego, Allegan and Martin Well drilling, repair and trenching service.Well drilling, pump repair and water treatment for Kalamazoo, Portage, Richland and Galesburg.South Haven well drilling, repair and trenching service.Gull Lake, Gun Lake, Wall Lake, Lake Allegan and Long Lake well drilling, repair and trenching service.Basement and under concrete well drilling, repair and trenching service.Kraai Well Drilling and RepairKalamazoo, Allegan and Grand Rapids water treatment and testingCaledonia, Byron Center, Kent and Richland well drilling, water testing, treatment and conditioners.KraaiWater cleaning and testing service.

Rotary Drilling

  • 5” to 14” PVC and steel wells
  • 2 - Versa-drill rigs (6x6 trucks)
  • 2 - 2,500 gallon water tanker support vehicles

Extremely efficient drilling method. Capable of drilling a well in one day! Wells may range 30ft to 400ft plus! Alturna-mats on truck to prevent getting stuck or leaving ruts in yard.

Cable Tool Drilling

  • 4” Galvanized Wells
  • 1 - 20w Bycerus Erie Rig
  • 1 - 1000 gallon support truck

This rig is light weight and much smaller than rotary rigs. Great for “touchy area’s” or accessing tough/tight spots. Perfect for drilling around Lake’s, especially when using mats!!! Small size allows drilling in cramped spots or within a few feet of the house to allow hiding well in landscaping!!!

Irrigation Wells

  • Equipped to meet all large diameter well needs from 6” to 14”
  • Flow ranges from 100gpm to 1,200 gpm with submersible turbines
  • 1,200 gpm plus with line shaft turbines

Toll Free: (877) 572-2493

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Kraai's well drilling, trenching, repair and service for Allegan, Bradley, Burnips, Byron Center, Caledonia, Cloverdale, Comstock, Cooper, Delton, Dorr, Dutton, Fennville, Freeport, Galesburg, Gobles, Grand Rapids, Grandville, Hamilton, Hastings, Hopkins, Jamestown, Kalamazoo, Kent, Lowell, Martin, Mattawan, Middleville, Moline, Oshetmo, Otsego, Parchment, Paw Paw, Plainwell, Portage, Richland, Schoolcraft, Shelbyville, South Haven, Watson and Wayland

Test Wells

  • Drilled to get land division or development approval (includes pump tests).
  • Drilled to determine if adequate water available for large volume applications.

Geo-thermal Drilling

The key to Geo-Thermal drilling is production. Deep holes need to be drilled efficiently to allow projects to be completed on time. Our knowledge staff and state of the art rigs make this happen.

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